Instagram, Blogs, and Recipes

For a while now, Rachel has been really into cooking, nutrition, and the growing wellness industry! Luckily, with social media, it is easy for her to get inspiration and information just from following someone! So, she wanted to share with the blog some of her favorite Instagram stars! To stay relevant to the blog, she gave vegans, but a few are not, but she still wanted to shout them out because of their delicious recipes that just so happen to be vegan, or can easily be used with vegan substitutes (if they have a V by their name, then they are full vegans). Many of these Instagrammers also have a full blog, where you can even subscribe for emails of recipes!

  1. @fooduzzi (V)
  2. @minimalistbaker
  3. @thecolorfulkitchen (V)
  4. @fitfoodiefinds
  5. @beetsbymel (V)
  6. @thetoastedpinenut
  7. @ihartnutrition
  8. @_littlemissfoodie
  9. @melissawoodhealth (V)
  10. @themovementmenu
  11. @becks_liveshealthy
  12. @hippie_dust (V)
  13. @ambitiouskitchen

Rachel also wanted to provide you all with some links to vegan recipes she has started saving to cook when she gets home to a kitchen! Most of them come from the people listed above, so if you like what you see (and possibly taste), then definitely make sure you follow them!



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